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          1. Corporate Culture

            1, Corporate Mission: The Centennial Honglou will always think and act in favor of farmers and people.

            2, Corporate Vision: To maintain our Leading position in Beijing food category and best example of Traditional China’s Time-Honored Brands”.

            3, Corporate Spirit: Quality checked by honesty; Development by cooperation and collaboration

            4, Brand Concept: Traditional Beijing Foods with best taste and style

            5, Business Concept: we will produce fashionable foodsby innovation and technology; we will lead anintellectual lifestyle by highest quality

            6, Market Concept: Winning the market bywinning the consumers hearts first.

            7, Management Concept: Noble success comes from noble deeds.  We cherish talent who are both capable and innovative

            8, Quality Concept: Refined material,refined formula,refined production and refined packaging

            9, Talent Concept: Your capability equals your stage;  your reward equals your contribution

            10, Hongluo Motto: Honesty and mindfulness

            11, Hongluo Inscription

             Of all Traditional Chinese brands,

            We are the centennial Hongluo,

            Like the rising sun,

            With highrising spirit.

            Located in the fairyland of Beijing city,

            Here in Hongluo we produce only tasty preservative fruits.

            Uniquely from Beijing and favored worldwide,

            We care about the best interest of the farmers and of the people.

            We will carry on with top honesty and quality;

            We will carry on by cooperation and collaboration;

            We will maintain heritage while seeking innovation.

            We are the centennial Honglou

            So must we achieve!